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For sustainable and long-term development in a community that has suffered from ongoing war, the provision of health and education to all generations is of key importance to ensure that gradually more individuals are equipped with the right tools to improve their lives and therefore play an active role in developing their communities. Idris Foundation is a funding body for charities launching projects with the aim of supporting the progress of health and education in refugee camps within East of Sudan. Please get in touch with us by emailing [email protected]


Supporting Those Affected By Sight Loss

An estimated 32.4 million people around the world today are blind and another 191 million are visually impaired. Simple interventions, such as inexpensive medication and surgery, can restore people’s sight, productivity and livelihoods. Back in October 2014 we visited t Amo Ali in the refugee camp of Abi Thar Alghafari , a blind man who was filled with gratitude for the little he had, thanks to your support we were able to sponsor an ambulance and send him to a clinic to receive treatment. He now regained his eye sight and is able to provide for his wife and eight children. Thank you for your amazing support

Amo Ali commented “I can’t believe I can see again, not only can I now live dignified, but I can also provide for my family. My next dream is to find a job that can help me”


Abi Thar Alghafari  Refugee camp KM26

Abi Thar Alghafari is a model elementary school situated in East of Sudan, with some of the highest scoring students in the camp. The school was established in the late 80s by volunteer university graduates who were refugees to provide good educations to the children of the camp. In our visit we realised the desperate need for the teachers to receive training courses that allows them to better serve the community. This is a model school that we are committed in sponsoring, we received this Honorary certificate as a token of gratitude to the funding and support we are giving to the school

Background to project


So far we have raised 40,500 USD for this project and we are USD 59,500 short from our budget. The fund raising activities continues and we encourage you to take part, donation can be made by contacting [email protected]

Project progress:

Phase one: Clean water

We are delighted to confirm that this has been successfully executed; currently there is a water source with a pump available for the orphans to use. Total cost of this activity was USD 3,000

Phase two: Orphanage/ school

Our preliminary studies have all shown that Wad Sharifi refugee camp is a transit spot and the average time of residency is approximately two years before they move inland to Sudan or try and cross the boarders to migrate to other countries, often as far as Europe with all the risks associated with this journey.

Finding teachers that are willing to locate to Wad Sharifi is a near impossible task and hence we are working on an alternative plan to set up a children support center that could achieve the following;

Provide support for the orphans and their families with guidance and advise

Link them with possible agencies that can accept them as asylum seekers in other countries

Helping kids with trauma and helping restore faith and hope in them.

Attracting volunteers to come and work at the center.

Addressing illiteracy and help with basic subjects like Arabic, English and Math’s.

We are also investigating both cheaper impermanent materials to build the center in addition to rental options in the area if possible

A recent challenge that has presented itself is finding a reliable Charity to collaborate with that works in that area which has proven difficult (if you know of any please contact us), we are now establishing a UK based registered charity to facilitate accepting donations and help with the necessary support.