Interview with Chief Operating Officer at Ethar UK


IDRIS Foundation, a UK charity Launched to Tackle the Silent Crisis

An aspiring new foundation, partnering with charitable organizations to create a brighter future for Eritrea by investing in its people.

IDRIS Foundation tells the story of more than one million Eritrean refugees who have languished in exile abroad. These refugees have fled three times in the last 10 years as a result of renewed military conflict and have found themselves living in unbearable circumstances.

IDRIS Foundation, founded on compassion and hope, has already raised much needed awareness of this forgotten cause, in its first few months of set up, the foundation managed to raise $50,000 for a source of clean water and much needed resources in the region of East of Sudan. The foundation currently supports four schools and an orphanage in the refugee camp of Abi Thar Alghafari with education related donations. We are currently working towards establishing the first ever digital class room in these refugee camps along with a potential collaboration with drone companies in silicon valley to assist with medicine delivery during rainy season.

In its continued efforts, IDRIS Foundation will endeavour to deliver relief of poverty for Eritrean refugees, asylum seekers, migrant workers and their dependents worldwide by whether through partnering , fundraising or simply raising awareness for projects executed by charities on the ground.

A key advocate of improving lives through the use of technology advances in Health and Education, IDRIS Foundation will promote a focus on applying sustainable solutions, providing grants to organizations commissioning and supporting research into the factors that contribute to poverty and the most appropriate ways to mitigate these.

Imad Yassin, Chairman of IDRIS Foundation, commented: “We are delighted to launch IDRIS Foundation, an immediate and extended community of families that have come together for an honourable cause”