Interview with Chief Operating Officer at Ethar UK

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“We are proud of our partnership with Idris Foundation and we look forward to collaborating in future projects.”

Here at Idris Foundation, we caught up with the newly appointed Chief Operating Officer at Ethar Relief UK, Mr.Saeed Abdelrahman, who recently visited the Eritrean Refugees’ Camps in Eastern Sudan.

IF:if You recently visited the refugee camp, what changes did you notice since your last visit?

Mr Abdelrahman: Unfortunately the situation is still dire, more support is desperately needed. Food security is a major issue, we are currently working alongside partners with the aim of securing 6 schools in the region with one meal a day for each school kid. This will relieve some of the poorer families of the daily pressures they face.

IF: What was the general feedback from the residents?

Mr Abdelrahman: The residents are very grateful for every little improvement that has been made, they hope that this will continue as it is much needed in the region.

IF: How important is partnership to Ethar?

Mr Abdelrahman: We rely heavily on partnerships with other charities right now, our partners help us to raise awareness and funds for on going projects. Idris Foundation’s personal contacts have helped to support Ethar develop our vision. IF stands for a great cause and has proven that the team can execute fantastic campaigns and events.

This year Idris Foundation was core to the success of our Ramadan dinner, we saw a massive increase in the number of attendees and we raised significantly more that what we raised the year before.

We are proud of our partnership with IF and and very much looking forward to collaborating in future projects.

IF: You mentioned future projects, can you tell me a little more about any planned initiatives?

Mr Abdelrahman: Volunteers, we would like to work closely with organisation such as IF to encourage people to sign up as volunteers. Our biggest investment are people and IF seems to have a strong relationship with the community, this is key to helping us develop our volunteer data base.

It’s great to see that the team has many young professional Eritreans developing IF’s vision, let’s work together to create a bigger family.

We also have a shared vision of Educational development, we hope to raise more funds to improve schools, expand connection with potential funders and supportive organisation.

Access to health, this is fundamental and requires urgent attention, we will also work closely with the IF team to develop the existing plans to improve this.

IF: Ethar has grown from strength to strength, what inspires the team?

Mr Abdelrahman: Personally, I grew up in the refugee camp before relocating so this cause is very dear to my heart. This last visit has been a reminder of how much our brothers and sisters need us and have very much as always humbled the team. Working alongside new foundations like IF is also a great source of inspiration without a doubt. It is delightful to see so many young, smart individuals dedicating time and energy to support this great cause.

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